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Request for Refund

Request for Refund

For refund against Cancelled Ticket, please note that we take utmost care to process the refund against cancelled tickets by following date wise schedule which may take at least 3 banking days to complete the process from our side. However, we offer no guarantee whatsoever for the timeliness of the refund reaching the Customer’s Card/Bank Account due to multiplicity of organisations or intermediaries who are involved in the processing of online transactions, the problems associated with available internet infrastructure and working days/holidays of such financial institutions/intermediaries. If you don’t receive refund within a week from the date of cancellation of tickets, please fill up the following request form so that we can verify the status and reply back to your Email.

Refund against Cancelled Ticket

For incomplete/failed transaction wherein Eticket is not generated, please fill up the following request form to help us track your transaction & reply back accordingly.

Refund against Incomplete Transaction